About Our Melbourne Hair Loss Clinic

Hairlogica Clinics are always at the forefront of leading cutting edge Hair-loss innovation.

Coupling our exceptional service with state of the art technology, Hairlogica is able to deliver a solution that other providers cannot. We have a deep understanding of the industry and each client is treated with a tailored individual program. These are some of the key reasons why our hair restoration procedures are chosen by tens of thousands of clients worldwide.

An unbeatable reputation

Our commitment to research and practise in Hair-loss accords Hairlogica the credence and validity it requires to be chosen as a member of the American Hair-loss Council.

Our excellent patient care has been developed to ensure the client’s needs are always placed first. From the first time you contact us to your last post-treatment session, we ensure that you are well informed and catered for across every step of the process.

The hairloss Specialists at Hairlogica are proud to have a widely varied set of experience across all facets of hair restoration treatments in Melbourne, across Australia and throughout the world. Our team is committed to delivering sound advice based on their extensive knowledge in the industry and boasts a combined experience exceeding 20 years in industry research across the globe.

Our specially designed clinic offers our clients a tranquil and relaxed environment that ensures confidentiality and promotes a smooth approach to a positive change.

The restoration process

During your first visit to Hairlogica Clinic you will meet a number of our caring staff.
Firstly, you will have the opportunity to discuss your hair restoration and treatment options with one of our specialists. At this time you will be provided with a brief history and explanation of how your hair anatomy works and we will present the various correction procedures that we perform in order to achieve your goals.

Our team of professional staff are all highly experienced and very sensitive to your individual concerns and questions.

Hairlogica’s policy is specifically set on the notion that a client deals with a Hair-loss Specialist who has previously had a hair loss problem. This policy ensures that clients are treated by an empathetic individual who has an implicit understanding of your concerns, needs and importantly, your feelings.
Every member of our staff has undergone hair restoration techniques at our Melbourne clinic that have reversed their problems.

Please feel free to register for a free consultation by giving us a call to book a consultation time.

Your Free confidential consultation

Hairlogica is the industry leader in providing state-of-the-art hair restoration procedures and advanced solutions for both men and women. Our mission is to improve the lives of those suffering the trauma and insecurity of hairloss. Our clinics provide the highest level of personalized client service while offering individualized solutions to unique conditions.


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