Our experienced team offers a number of solutions aimed at helping you to achieve desired results.

Our replacement procedure in Melbourne is the most popular process chosen by our clients to treat balding and thinning. For the last 12 years, thousands of our clients have opted for our Hairlogica replication procedure for the following reasons; no surgery, no scar tissue, and up to $9,000 cheaper than a surgical transplant.

Our thousands of clients’ response to the above points – “why wouldn’t I do this process?” We advise the exact same, we want you to save money and achieve desired results, and with this procedure you could achieve a much more youthful appearance.

For some clients, Hairlogica’s Cosmetic Transdermal ReconstructionTM process is most suitable since it immediately addresses a receding hairline and patchy baldness. This therapy, performed by our hair loss dermatologist specialists, has helped many of our clients to regain their confidence and self-esteem, and we would love to discuss the process with you during a consultation.

How the replacement works

This cosmetic treatment takes 4 weeks and does not require painful surgery. It can provide the look of a luscious, full hairline, or we can replace it only where it is required, such as the crown area or a receding hairline.

This process involves taking samples from the back and sides of your head, the multiple strands are then sent away for analysis and replication. Once replicated, strands can then be added to the balding area. The amount used will be dependent on how much balding is experienced from the client.

If you are experiencing extreme balding or thinning, this replacement procedure is one of our treatments that can provide the final results you want to achieve.

Our team of hair loss dermatologist experts say that this technology is the most exciting breakthrough for all balding individuals,

“To restore your youth, without the expensive price tag… doesn’t get any better than that”

A mix of our clientele are doctors who have already undergone Hairlogica’s Cosmetic Transdermal ReconstructionTM procedure in Melbourne because of its medical safety record, as it does not have the risks associated with surgical alternatives.

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