Hair loss, particularly when it comes along prematurely, can be a psychological strain. Although there are now effective treatments for treating hair loss once it begins, prevention is always best.  A few simple changes that you can start making to your diet today, will give you a nutritional boost in the war against hair loss.

  1. Get your protein in. Protein is an essential nutrient in your diet, too little and you could start to lose your hair sooner than you’d expect. If you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet then you may not be getting enough protein, so fill up on beans, lentils and nuts to ensure that your hair is getting the nutrition it needs.
  2. Eat foods containing zinc. Zinc can easily be found in whole grain foods, nuts, meat and seafood, so there’s no excuse to be missing out on this amazing mineral. Zinc allows your cells to function properly and reduces inflammation, so by consuming enough of it will keep your scalp healthy and your hair growing strong.
  3. Protect your iron stores. Iron deficiency in your diet can lead to anaemia, a condition that can cause fatigue, weakness, heart palpitations and weaker hair. Keep your iron stores up by consuming plenty of red meat, spinach, eggs and fish. Be sure to take an iron supplement at the recommendation of doctor if iron deficiency is detected in your blood test results.
  4. Indulge in citrus fruits. We all know that vitamin C is a great tool for boosting immunity against winter colds, but it plays a valuable role in the health of your hair too. Vitamin C boosts your body’s collagen production, which is crucial for the hair growth process. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies every day and you should be able to easily meet your vitamin C requirements.
  5. Keep an eye on your B vitamins. The B vitamins are some of the most important dietary sources when it comes to your hair, particularly B5 and B7, otherwise known as pantothenic acid and biotin. Having sufficient amounts of B complex vitamins keep oxygen flowing to the roots of your hair, so make sure you’re getting enough in your diet to prevent hair loss.
  6. Pick veggies rich in vitamin A. If you want to maintain a healthy mane of hair, opt for vegetables and fruits like carrots, mango, spinach, and sweet potato. These foods contain a healthy amount of vitamin A, which keeps the cells and tissues in your scalp growing strong.