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How We Can Help Men Grow Their Hair Back

2019-04-10T14:08:00+00:00July 20th, 2018|

Many men face the unpleasant reality of experiencing male pattern baldness and thinning hair as they get older. Not only can this look unflattering, but it often leads to men losing their confidence and developing self-esteem issues. What makes matters worse is the many men feel that they must accept a life without hair. Fortunately, this […]

Hair Loss Tips for Women After Pregnancy

2019-04-10T14:16:39+00:00July 10th, 2018|

People often talk about what a physical toll being pregnant can take on a woman’s body, from weight gain, stress, not to mention a complete lifestyle change. Giving birth to a child is one of the most fulfilling moments in a woman’s life, as she is becoming a mother and starting a new chapter in her […]

5 Great Hairstyles For A Receding Hairline

2018-06-10T12:00:33+00:00June 10th, 2018|

Going bald can be a very confronting experience. Hair loss is a sign of ageing and can look very unflattering. Receding hair is common, and nothing to be embarrassed about. Hairlogica offer receding hairline treatment for men that can help you to regrow your hair. But during the regrowth process of your receding hairline treatment for […]

Receding Hairline Treatment For Men

2018-05-20T12:00:30+00:00May 20th, 2018|

It is unfortunately common that many people, particularly men, will experience hair loss in their lifetime. Receding hairlines can be caused by genetics, ageing, hormones, disease, and other factors. However, that does not mean that you have to accept your hair is falling out. Hairlogica have provided many clients with our receding hairline treatment for men. We […]

Millions of Women Are Seeking Hair Treatment

2018-05-10T12:00:18+00:00May 10th, 2018|

While a lot of people usually think of baldness as a male issue, it unfortunately also affects women as well. A woman’s hair is often one of their favourite features that they like to show off, as well as changing hairstyles and colours to try different looks. This can be devastating and take a huge emotional […]

Why Do Men And Women’s Hair Loss Solutions Differ?

2018-04-20T12:00:52+00:00April 20th, 2018|

There are numerous differences between how the biology of men and women work, and one of them is how hair loss works. Androgenetic Alopecia is hair loss that affects both men and women. This is caused by a genetic predisposition to the hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). When DHT levels rise, hair follicles start to wither, decreasing hair growth. Both […]

Is An Excessively Healthy Diet Causing You Hair Loss?

2018-04-10T12:00:10+00:00April 10th, 2018|

People concerned about their fitness should be eating healthy foods rather than foods with high levels of sugar and fat. A nutritious eating regimen full of protein, vitamins, and minerals promotes the growth of thick hair. Although it is important to eat healthily, to maintain a balanced diet and physique, an excessive dieting can be harmful […]

Female Hair Loss Treatment Options For Trichotillomania

2018-03-20T12:00:15+00:00March 20th, 2018|

Trichotillomania is an impulse control disorder that causes a woman to have the strong urge to pull hair from her body. This can happen as part of a mood disorder, such as depression or anxiety. The urge to pull hair usually starts with the woman feeling a great deal of tension. The act of pulling hair […]

Hair Loss Treatment For Cancer Survivors

2018-03-10T12:00:29+00:00March 10th, 2018|

Chemotherapy is no small treatment. It is provided for people diagnosed with cancer to eliminate cancerous cells in the body. Unfortunately, this treatment often results in the person experiencing severe hair loss. This happens because chemotherapy can damage hair follicles and cells that contribute to hair growth. Regrowing your hair after chemotherapy can be a very slow […]


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