People concerned about their fitness should be eating healthy foods rather than foods with high levels of sugar and fat. A nutritious eating regimen full of protein, vitamins, and minerals promotes the growth of thick hair.

Although it is important to eat healthily, to maintain a balanced diet and physique, an excessive dieting can be harmful to your hairline. This is due to certain healthy foods causing allergies that can trigger baldness if an excessive amount of these foods are eaten. The saying is true. You can have too much of a good thing.

What Foods Can Cause Hair Loss

Dairy products, such as milk, have a high volume of protein, calcium, and vitamin D that are good for you. However, they also have high levels of lactose. The term “lactose intolerant” is a common term for people who cannot digest dairy products. But even for those who do not have this condition, dairy products tend to be very acidic, so consuming an excessive amount of dairy can cause thinning hair and hair loss.

Nuts and seeds contain protein and oils that can be good for the body. They also contain selenium, a mineral that can negatively impact the state of your hair. Although selenium sustains hair, eating an excessive amount of foods with selenium can cause baldness.

Vitamin A is great for upkeeping a healthy wellbeing and is found in yellow and orange vegetables and fish. These can improve the functions of the immune system and the heart. Unfortunately, it is also a fat-solvent vitamin that can affect the health of your hair if an excessive amount of it is consumed.

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