Unfortunately, losing hair is a common part of the ageing process. This can be both confronting and horrifying for many people. Not only is it a sign of getting older, but it can also simply be unflattering to look at. Many people feel that they have no choice but to accept that their hairline is disappearing. However, it does not have to be that way.

Hairlogica have many different hair loss solutions at our Melbourne clinic to treat different hair loss cases. We can tailor a treatment based on your specific factors, such as age, gender, and the cause of hair loss. We only use FDA medically approved hair loss solutions to help our clients gain both their hair and confidence back.

Non-Surgical Hair Loss Solutions

Surgery is usually not required to treat hair loss. Our laser treatment is very simple. Your hair is stimulated by 90 laser diodes aimed over the entire scalp area to stimulate oxygenation and blood circulation to the damaged follicle areas. The laser treatment includes applying a medically approved hair loss serum that increases the vitamin enriched blood flow to weak and dormant hair follicles.

Alternatively, a hair replacement will cover receding hairlines and bald patches. This process starts with taking hair samples from the back and sides of your head. These multiple strands are then sent away for analysis and replication by our technicians. Once these hair strands have been replicated, they are added to the balding area. The amount of hair used depends on how much balding you are experiencing.

Surgical Hair Loss Solutions

Hairlogica is a leading hair transplant clinic in Melbourne. We can provide you with a safe hair transplant treatment that follows the Follicular Unit Extraction procedure. This aesthetically superior treatment effectively utilises your own growing hair to create a healthy full hairline. We combine this procedure with Hairlogica’s Cosmetic Transdermal Reconstruction procedure integrates behind your transplanted front hairline to achieve symmetry with natural-looking full head of hair. This effective treatment has lead Hair Logica to become a prominent hair transplant clinic in Melbourne.

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