Going bald can be a very confronting experience. Hair loss is a sign of ageing and can look very unflattering. Receding hair is common, and nothing to be embarrassed about. Hairlogica offer receding hairline treatment for men that can help you to regrow your hair.

But during the regrowth process of your receding hairline treatment for men, you might want to consider trying out a new hairstyle to work around your bald spots. While you may not be able to completely hide your hair loss, these hairstyles look very stylish and will show that there are many ways to work around hair loss.

Short Slicked Back Hair

The short slicked back hairstyle is neat and attention grabbing for all the right reasons. It draws less attention to your receding hairline. The sides are kept short and neat, while the top is longer and then slicked back to give your hairstyle a bit of volume.

Longer Haircuts

Even if you have a receding hairline, if you have hair that is still reasonably thick, a longer hairstyle might be the way to go. A longer hairstyle can hide the area above your temples where early signs of a receding hairline may appear. Although a longer haircut will not work for every man, you can have almost any hairstyle with a longer haircut.

Regulation Haircut

This military-esque haircut trims the top of your head and clips the sides right down to the scalp. This cut is great for men with a receding hairline, resulting in a classic style with a tough, macho edge to it.

Short Messy Hair

Many men can have a short, textured hairstyle that will give them a controlled length of hair that can appear intentionally messy. As the hair is positioned all around the scalp, it can cover or at least take attention away from the receding hair.

Taper Fade Hair

This style is great for men with a hairline that is in the early stages of receding. The hair on the top of your head is kept long while the sides and back are clipped slowly. There are many different variants of the taper fade you can try out, and many of these can draw attention away from the receding hair.

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