Frequently Asked Questions

Is hair loss a common problem?2019-04-10T03:07:39+00:00

Up to 70% of men and 40% will experience hair loss due to various reasons, the cause can be determined by a hair loss specialist at Hairlogica clinics. Hairlogica addresses all hair loss problems ranging from medical conditions, alopecia, children hair loss problems, male and female pattern hair loss. We understand the complex concern one has with this hair loss disease as our own team of hair loss specialist have undergone our exclusive procedures.

My hair is falling out at a rapid rate?2019-04-10T03:08:29+00:00

We urge you to take 20 minutes of your time and make an appointment with our hair loss specialist, he will advise you accordingly to treat your hair loss, every strand of your hair is important so early detection and treatment will save your hair and avoid going through the painful experience of hair loss and baldness.

How does Hairlogica treat early signs of hair loss?2019-04-10T03:09:19+00:00

The only laser technology in Australia with 90 lasers diodes to nourish rich blood supply to weak follicles and detoxify follicle of DHT and other toxic elements that cause hair loss. Combined with our new FDA approved Hairloss serums with a new formula that assist in BLOCKING DHT in order to aggressively attack weak follicles and stimulate dormant hair cells to encourage hair regrowth to thinning and balding areas.

Treatment is side effect FREE.

Is a hair transplant better option than Hairlogica’s hair restoration?2019-04-10T03:10:17+00:00

History shows us that our Hair replacement process is far more popular than surgery, nevertheless at Hairlogica we have both options available. Under strict guidelines we will assess your personal hairloss problem to determine your suitability and will achieve you the results of hair again.

What is more popular, hair transplant or Non Surgical Hair Replacement?2019-04-10T03:11:12+00:00

Our Non Surgical Hair Replacement procedure is most popular amongt all men, reasons being no infection, risk, safe, free from pain, no scar tissue, guaranteed 80% to 99% more hair as with surgery transplant we can only guarantee 10 – 20 % more hair only.

Our philosophy is if you plan on doing something about your hair loss, do it properly and have a full head of hair with our non surgical process rather than a small 20% with surgery and still look bald, besides Non Surgical Replacement you save thousands of dollars.

Now you see why our Non Surgical Hair Replacement process is most popular amongst male hair loss and female hair loss recipients.

Are Hairlogica procedures expensive?2019-04-10T03:11:50+00:00

Non Surgical Hair Replacement is least expensive than surgery so you save $1000’s of dollars.
Hair transplant costs $15,000 to $20,000 and only 20% more hair, transplant will leave you with permanent scar tissue on the back of your head. To Be exact little holes in the back of your head for the rest of your life.

Hair restoration $2000 to $6000 and guaranteed 80% to 99% more hair.

Why should I choose Hairlogica?2019-04-10T03:12:30+00:00

Our procedures are affordable so thousands of men and women choose Hairlogica. Our exclusive 90 diode laser technology, Hair Loss Treatments that are only available at Hairlogica clinics, Celebrities choose Hairlogica as their preferred hair loss company to treat hair loss, member of The American Hair loss Council, Hairlogica performs thousands of procedures annually with safety and great success.

Why do celebrities choose Hairlogica?2019-04-10T03:13:00+00:00

Our procedures are chosen as the physicians choice of hair loss procedures due to its safety and being medically correct. Furthermore many Hairlogica clients are doctors who have successfully restored their hair. Celebrities choose Hairlogica because they want results that enhances their personal image with no side effects to their body, this is why AFL and other sporting code professionals choose Hairlogica to treat their hair loss problem.

Hairlogica has the reputation as Australia’s leading hair loss company with latest technologies and strict standards as well as it’s membership status with the American Hair loss Council.

Are Hairlogica procedures medically safe?2019-04-10T03:13:30+00:00

Our Hair Replacement and Laser follicle therapy are the safest procedures to correct your hairloss problem as we work only with side effect free treatments, it’s the physicians choice for hair restoration due to no side effects, no scar tissue, no risk of infections and free from pain.

The only Non -Surgical Hair Restoration technology to be performed at one of Americas renowned hospitals in the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Reconstructive procedures for hair loss used in accident trauma and burn victims of the scalp area.


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