People often talk about what a physical toll being pregnant can take on a woman’s body, from weight gain, stress, not to mention a complete lifestyle change. Giving birth to a child is one of the most fulfilling moments in a woman’s life, as she is becoming a mother and starting a new chapter in her life. Needless to say, it is also one of the most physically painful experiences a woman could ever go through. Some women may face physical issues after giving birth, and that can include hair loss.

They say that women “glow” when they are pregnant, and another positive aspect of being pregnant for women is that they can enjoy having fuller hair. This is because estrogen levels decrease during pregnancy, which in turn decreases how much hair falls outs. This begins 3-4 months into the pregnancy and continues until the child is born.

Unfortunately, some women experience a great deal of hair loss after giving birth. However, there are ways for women to combat this. Hairlogica recommends five great tips for women to maintain their hair after giving birth.

Use Natural Hair Care Routines

Women should avoid shampooing their hair too much. In fact, they should be using natural shampoos that are chemical free and as herbal as possible. Hair should be naturally air dried too, and not to brush when wet.

Massaging Oils into Scalp

Massaging oils into the scalp at least 2-3 times a week will promote blood circulation in the scalp and will make your hair healthier and shinier.

Regularly Trim Your Hair

Hairlogica recommends that you trim your hair every two months. By doing this, your hair will grow and look healthier.

Do Not Style Your Hair

Do not style your hair or use heat products, as this will dry your hair and reduce its shine. This will make your hair look lifeless.

Eat healthy foods

It is no secret that vitamins are good for the body, and that includes the hair. Your body will lack iron and potassium after pregnancy, so it is vital that you regularly eat green vegetables and foods that have high amounts of vitamin A and B.

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