Hairlogica is one of Melbourne’s most innovative and high performing hair regrowth clinics, successfully combining modern techniques and technology with exceptional customer service. Our treatments are carefully sourced and conducted with precision by our team of hair replacement specialists. We offer a range of selective treatments to our customers, and are continuously looking to improve and diversify our services with the latest trends in hair loss treatments.

Making hair loss solutions an affordable consideration for all, Hairlogica ensure all hair transplant costs are commensurate with the level of expertise and clinical intervention required. Non-surgical hair replacement in Melbourne is also a viable and suitable option for many with the cost of non-surgical hair replacement an affordable and highly effective solution.

Hairlogica prides itself as the #1 hair loss company in Australia with state of the art hair transplant techniques by our leading surgeons. Our pricing includes both universally accredited techniques: Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)
Follicular Unit Transplantation involves excising a thin strip of skin from the safest part of the donor zone. This is then carefully dissected under 50X magnification into the individual grafts or follicular units. The area is then carefully sewn together using a trichophytic closure that leaves a very thin scar and is designed as such so that hair grows through the scar. The scar is not visible if the hair length is greater than 1 cm. The grafts are then carefully placed in the recipient area to give a natural and dense appearance. Follicular Unit Transplantation remains the gold standard in hair restoration surgery. Hair is gathered from the donor region of the scalp. In FUT surgery, we are effectively removing 100% of the transplanted hairs from the ’safe donor’ region of the scalp. This means that we are using the strongest hairs from the scalp and transplanting them back into areas that require further thickening. In comparison to FUE surgery (see below), it also allows greater coverage in the transplanted areas.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)​​
Follicular Unit Excision involves removing the individual follicular units or grafts one at a time using a motorized device. This needs to be performed carefully to minimize damage to the grafts and to make sure that the donor area after harvesting the hair does not look barren. These grafts are then carefully extracted, leaving microscopic dot-like scars distributed over the large donor area. These grafts are then carefully placed in the recipient area to give a natural and dense appearance. The main attractive element of FUE surgery is the fact that it leaves a minimal amount of scarring. Within two weeks, there is very little evidence of grafts harvested. Also, due to the lack of any sutures (as with FUT surgery), the post-operative care and experience is a lot simpler and pain free.

Our Pricing Model

*g = hair grafts

Hairline Restoration – Follicular Unit Extraction

Hairlogica’s hair transplant treatment follows the Follicular Unit Extraction procedure. This aesthetically superior treatment effectively utilises your own growing hair to create a healthy full hairline,

In combination with this procedure, Hairlogica’s Cosmetic Transdermal ReconstructionTM procedure integrates behind your transplanted front hairline to achieve symmetry and a seamless, natural appearance.

This ground-breaking fusion of technologies will create a true hair transformation delivering a full head of hair, restoring confidence and a youthful appearance in one procedure. Under strict guidance, a Hairlogica hairloss specialist will undertake a thorough assessment to help determine the most suitable treatment programme and assist you in making an informed decision.

The Cost Behind Looking and Feeling Younger

We are proud to offer affordable yet exceptionally superior hairloss solutions with our hair transplant costs amongst the most competitive in Melbourne. Our hair transplant cost is highly competitive outranking competing clinics in both affordability and results Producing outstanding results our innovative and life changing treatment options will help to secure a future where you can be the very best version of you!

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Affordable Hair Loss Treatment Costs

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