When most people think of hair loss, they will most likely picture a middle-aged or elderly person, usually a man, who is bald. While this is a common phenomenon, unfortunately, hair loss does not discriminate by age. Many young children have experienced severe forms of hair loss at a much younger age than expected. Understandably, this can be very embarrassing, or even traumatic, for children.

What can cause someone so young to lose so much hair?

Usually, when children lose hair, it is due to Alopecia, which is the medical term for hair loss. There are two types of Alopecia that can affect children. Alopecia Totalis is where the child experiences hair loss all over their scalp and body. Alopecia Aeratus is when someone experiences hair loss in patches all over the scalp. This happens because the body’s immune system attacks the hair follicles. While there is currently no cure for either form of Alopecia, Hairlogica provides children with a hair loss treatment that can control the disease for some children.

An even worse scenario is when children are undergoing chemotherapy to fight cancer. While chemotherapy is great for eliminating cancer cells in the body, sometimes this treatment can result in hair loss. This is because chemotherapy can damage follicles, causing complete hair loss. Children are only starting their lives, and they should not have to experience something as depressing, or possibly even traumatic, as hair loss at such a young age. Hairlogica want children to experience the best quality of life, so we take pride in the hair loss treatment aimed at children.

What we can do to help your child

Over the years, Hairlogica has helped thousands of young children with a number of hair loss conditions. Children who undergo our child hair loss treatment in Melbourne can have a full head of hair again. With all the stress these children go through with their unwanted hair loss, we want your children to be able to simply be kids again, and not have to worry about hair loss, which should be an adult problem.

If your child is experiencing hair loss, you should seek our professional assistance as soon as possible. Contact Hairlogica today on (03) 8844 9600 to book an appointment with one of our consultants.