A common misconception about balding is that it only affects men. You are far more likely to see bald men around than bald women. Unfortunately, many women also experience hair loss and the effects that can have on a person’s confidence. While female pattern baldness is less severe than male pattern baldness, it can still be devastating to experience.

It is no secret that women love having healthy, long hair, and having the ability to try out various hairstyles throughout their life. Long hair is often a woman’s most noticeable and most valuable physical feature, allowing her to look as stylish and unique as she wants. As there is a lot of focus on women’s hair in society, losing this very feminine trait can make affected women feel down.

Hairlogica provides a first-rate hair treatment for women that will help to combat these hair loss issues, but prevention is a great method of keeping your hair. There are various lifestyle factors that many women do that can cause hair loss, and they should be kept in mind if you are concerned about the state of your hair.

Lifestyle factors that can cause hair loss for women

Although hair loss can be caused by genetic predisposition, some causes of female hair loss are due to lifestyle choices. Hair loss in women may be a result of various health issues, including constant stress, childbirth, or illness. These can cause great stress to the body, therefore affecting hair. Having an unhealthy diet plays a part in hair loss too; if your body is lacking protein, the growth of new hair will slow down as hair is made of protein.

As much as women love to try different hairstyles, unfortunately, that can cause hair loss in the long run. Hair straighteners make hair look neat and presentable, but the heat caused by straighteners can affect the hair. Hairstyles that tighten the hair, such as hair extensions, certain braids, and high ponytails, can put stress on the hair as it is being pulled. Hair products such as hair dyes, chemical treatments, bad brushes, blow dryers, and flat irons can result in damage and breakage.

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